linking possibilities
to unlock potential

With both feet firmly planted in the (Dutch) clay and down-to-earth: the clichés are true. As a full subsidiary company of FM Group, Purple-wire’s dynamic team can combine experience, knowledge and innovation to exploit their qualities fully. These are our specialists.

‘Proud of the development of this House of Services’

Nancy van Kleef


‘Putting challenging ideas to the flower arrangers’

Jojanneke Vellekoop

Creative project leader

‘Underpinning creativity with data’

Britt van der Knaap

Data crusher

‘Segmenting based on sales behaviour’

Ashley Alleman

Content & analysis coordinator

‘This house style combines greenery with technology’

Diana van Zwieten

Creative Lead

‘FlowerTales: making the most of trends’

Romy van Kleef

Content marketeer jr.

‘Translating expectations into design’

Marcia Timmers

Graphic designer

‘Managing the customer experience’

Marloes Koenen

Customer care

‘Care about the content’

Aretha Luck

Content medewerker

purple-wire & partners

By working together with FM Group, we really work from the inside out: the horticultural sector can be viewed, examined and optimised sector-wide. However, this is not a requirement

Together, we seek for appropriate cooperation.
Please contact us for tailormade advice.