linking possibilities
to unlock potential

For the correct Go-To-Market strategy for flowers and plants, to find out how the corporate identity can contribute to a higher conversion rate or to create a tailormade customer journey: we think along with you at every level.

You can distinguish two things from the start: things that cannot be bought with money and things that are. Giving a present with personal or emotional value is often more valued than a practical gift. The importance of ‘rewarding yourself’ has also grown. This makes the horticultural industry the gift sector par excellence.

To make this visible to the buyers of these presents, cooperation across the entire chain is needed. A product or service should be brought to the attention of the appropriate target group with relevant content through a clear funnel: from attention to conversion. Creative agency Purple-wire helps entrepreneurs in the horticultural sector to make this possible. We can do this sector-wide, together with large organisations such as our permanent partner FM Group, but this is not a requirement.

The aim of connecting links within the horticultural chain is to ensure optimal performance of the sales channels. The target group is at the heart of this. With realistic content, in-house specialists, creative ideas, and large partners such as FM Group, Purple-wire carries out innovative, data-driven marketing.

Business intelligence through our partners’ or our own creative intelligence, or external sources such as the consumer segmentation tool: we provide insight into the needs of the target group via a number of different channels. This not only makes visible the flowers, house plants and accessories, but they also become relevant.

Purple-wire’s small, dedicated team can make quick decisions within the large, sometimes cumbersome horticultural sector. Innovative ideas are always tested against data from relevant viewing and buying behaviour. Purple-wire will provide the connection with the intended links within the horticultural sector, from grower to consumer. However, it is not necessary actually to use the entire chain – we will fine-tune the reach to your needs.

Think about bringing a new variety to the market, the filling of shelves, shop floor layouts, favourably priced and/or trend-related concepts, bouquet lines, pot-plant combinations and more. A new identity, house style, features, appearance or social media support, advice on timing, momentum, and visibility: we can do it all. Our ideas will come closer to each other during a mutual conversation. Please contact us via About Us and discover what possibilities we can unlock.