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'A sustainable rose with an eternal story'
This headstrong, sustainable label deserves a special Insta-feed. Do you recognise the pattern?






Colourful, unique, and sustainable… terms that fit with the wonderful Dijou jewels.

Cultivated on Ecuadorian soil, these preserved roses can make you enjoy their beauty for a long time, which makes them a highly desirable gift. Jewels are special; because of the process to make them, because of their value and often also because of the memory of the moment. These preserved roses look like small, large, or just specially coloured stones. And they offer you something extra; they have been grown according to the greenest guidelines in the B Corp-certified gardens of Hoja Verde.
Claudia: “The nice thing about Dijou is that they are specially made for FM Group. The label is exclusive to FM Group’s customers – for florists, retailers and wholesalers, this label offers opportunities, but you can’t get this outside of FM Group. What I enjoy the most? That every Pantone colour is possible! This makes it a truly personal gift.”