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'‘Greentail. The solution for retailers such as supermarkets, garden centres, DIY stores and E-commerce’ '
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Greentail was founded at the beginning of 2020. It is an organisation that helps retailers sell plants and flowers, and is dedicated to providing solutions. How do you position a brand for retailers?

Corporate identity
Greentail wanted its corporate identity to appeal to its target audience and express its values and identity, and show what services and/or products it provides and how it does this. So, the name Greentail was born: a contraction of the words green and (r)etail. This process involved creativity and strategy.

Category labels
The structure of the product range was optimised through the application of category roles. Within this context, Greenhaves (essentials), Greenium (exclusives), Greenseason (seasonal products) and Greensale (promotional items) were established. Greentail customers receive various offers based on these category labels.

From trends to shop signing
Collections, bouquets and single-flower bunches are designed with the help of purple-wire trends. Here, the focus is on colours, shapes and customer types. We support Greentail in applying these trends.

In addition, we also provide all of Greentail’s promotional materials. The resources we develop vary from Excel templates and PowerPoints in Greentail’s house style to the design, compilation and sending of newsletters. In addition to this, we can also offer Greentail’s customers various services, such as designing POS materials, newsletters and even shop presentations that better route consumers or optimise sales. It goes without saying that the house style of Greentail’s customers is retained in this type of assignment.