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'Making our store stand out within the entity of Intratuin'
Intratuin 's Gravenzande
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Having all the product knowledge in-house, but not the social expertise. Intratuin has called for our help.


We are coaching Intratuin ‘s Gravenzande so that they can also showcase their knowledge online and translate this into conversion. This iconic garden centre in the Westland is perfectly capable of putting the most interesting products in the right places on the shop floor and generate sales. The translation to online sales has lagged behind, as has developing their own identity within the existing style of Intratuin The Netherlands.

Creating an online community
* More visitors, online and in the store
* Encouraging customers to buy (more)

* Coaching role on timing and form, because performance and product knowledge is already present. Data, insight and expertise are linked to existing actions on the floor.
* Creative role, thinking up ideas to create a way to stand out within the existing identity of Intratuin ‘s Gravenzande
* Tight schedule through Meetplan, so we can analyse and adjust continuously.


Score october 2020