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''Making excellent lily varieties accessible to florists''
Mark Lily varieties as a collection, applied to two different customer types






The lily collection: haute couture & pret à porter
Lilies: often so easy to add to a bouquet, sometimes crying out to be used in a creative application. That reminded us of fashion collections: dresses for every moment, and that one dress for that special gala. As a statement or just part of a whole.
That is why we have linked Hobaho, intermediary in lilies, to FleuraMetz’s florists. Honesty and Watch Up were the eyecatchers at the end of 2020. In 2021, we will start with stars such as Willeke Alberti and Marlon. During both moments, plenty will be created that can be used ‘as usual’. After all, we cannot leave the house every day like we are going to the Oscars. Feel free to ask the designer of these collections any questions you may have. Diana is happy to answer them.