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''The world looks different. How does it remain accessible?''
Planet Flower
Going around the world without travelling. Planet Flower offers more than just flowers, house plants and accessories.






FleuraMetz, the full-service partner for the professional florist wanted to give their customers – professional florists – a gesture of support during the first outbreak of the corona crisis during the spring of 2020. Even though we – and with us, the consumers – are not allowed to travel or go everywhere, that does not mean that the power of flowers and plants has diminished. The world belongs to all of us. The passion of florists to delight everyone with the beauty and comfort of flowers and house plants is not any less than before.

Together with Purple-wire, FleuraMetz rolled out this campaign in the summer of 2020, mainly through their Cash & Carry. Due to its success, the campaign was extended and adapted into the autumn of 2020.
The greatest message was its limitlessness: everything is possible in your imagination. Use products, atmosphere, dashes of culture: in 2020, we will make it together: Planet Flower.